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Quality in Endoscopy
IBD & Nutrition
Dublin, Ireland / March 31 - April 1, 2017
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Dear Colleagues

André Van Gossum, Klaus Mönkemüller
André Van Gossum Klaus Mönkemüller

The IDB & Nutrition symposium was tailored for doctors, especially our young fellows and junior physicians, across the fields of gastroenterology / endoscopy, surgery and internal medicine. The symposium covered topics including clinical nutrition in inflammatory bowel disease, advanced imaging techniques in IBD and the gut microbiome in IBD.

Interaction, including the exchange of ideas, clinical experiences and knowledge between faculty and participants is a central element of our symposia. Quality in Endoscopy symposia demonstrate that the combination of highly communicative teaching with a strong, supportive and dedicated faculty is the key to success. Alongside senior speakers, presenters from the up and coming younger generation contributed to innovative and lively sessions.

Yours sincerely

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Klaus Mönkemüller
Symposium Co-chair (ESGE)
André Van Gossum
Symposium Co-chair (ESPEN)

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