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Case Presentations

Case Presentation Submission

Please note that the dealine for submitting Case presentations has now elapsed. Should you have any questions, please contact


Please see examples of case presentations from our previous symposia in order to give you an idea of the format required:

As you can see, presentations have three core elements:

  1. History / progression
  2. Images / videos
  3. Questions (Presentations will be linked to an interactive voting system. Questions are an integral part of each case.)

Rules for submission of case presentations

Deadline: Deadline for submission of case presentations is Sunday, January 22, 2017.

Format of presentation:

  1. Length:
    Each case presentation should take no more than ten minutes to present. This will be followed by a five minute discussion. Please ensure that the cases are not too complicated.
  2. Session:
    Submitted case presentations must be related to a certain session. You will be requested to state which session the case relates to on submission. Please check the programme for this information.
  3. Template:
    Please use the template for your presentation. » Download template here
  4. Videos:
    A maximum of two videos may be included. The accepted video file format is .mp4 or .m4v. The size of each video should not exceed 6 MB otherwise you will not be able to upload them. The video size restriction is only for the online upload. You will be able to use a high resolution video during the presentation on site.
    Please note that the video upload process will take a few minutes. Please wait for the final note of confirmation.
  5. Question slides
    A minimum of two and maximum of six possible answers may be used per slide.

Selected case submissions

The authors of accepted cases for presentation will be offered the reduced member registration fee.


The Scientific Committee will inform you by mid February 2017 whether your case has been accepted for presentation. The authors of selected cases will also receive detailed information on how to proceed.